All of our aerial obstacle courses are self guided.  That means that no, our guides will not be up in the trees with you throughout your adventure.  This allows you the freedom to take your adventure at your own pace and to explore the treetops with your adventure crew!  You can spend your time together in the trees cheering each other on, laughing, strategizing to figure out the best way to cross an obstacle, and creating some great memories together.

That doesn’t mean that we’re leaving you stranded, though.  When you arrive at Tree to Tree Idaho, we’ll take you through a 30-minute interactive orientation and demonstration session.  We will get you geared up and make sure that you are set in your harness and then walk you through how to use our equipment.  You’ll learn to safely climb the ladders, to move from obstacle to obstacle among the trees, and the proper way to connect your trolley to the zip line!

After we teach you how to navigate the courses and give you the details on how to work the CLiC-iTs, you will complete our demo course, located just a few feet off the ground.  This will give you the opportunity to try out all of the gear before heading up in the trees!  Our guides will be there to make sure that you are using all the gear properly, and that you’re all set.  If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them and make sure you’re comfortable!

We’ll take you over to the first course, and you’ll be on your way to new heights!  Our guides will be circling the courses from the ground, offering you support, encouragement, or tips when you need (or want!) them.

Want some more details on the safety equipment? Each harness is equipped with a trolley for the zip lines, as well as a pair of CLiC-iTs for the remainder of the obstacles. Our CLiC-iTs are a smart carabiner system that “talk” to each other magnetically to keep you safe throughout your adventure.  As soon as you click in at the base of a ladder with one of the CLiC-iTs, you’re locked in to the cable lines until you’ve completed the whole course.  This is in thanks to a patented safety system in the CLiC-iTs where the two connectors talk to each other: when you unclip one side to move on to the next element on our course, the other automatically locks — and will not unlock until the other connector is safely attached again.