Maybe. It all depends on the height that the members of your group can reach to, and their ages (Check here for more details!)

If you all meet the height and age requirements for the adult’s course, you’ll all be together (assuming your reservation is at the same time!).  If your group is a mix of adults and kids, you’ll be going on separate courses. We know it can be frustrating to have different members of your group on different courses, but we do it this way for a few reasons:

(1) The cable on the kid’s courses are lower than the cables on the adult’s courses.  Tree to Tree is designed very intentionally so that each participant can control their own adventure.  The kid’s cable is lower so that our younger adventurers can move themselves to the next element on the course, get set to zipline, and swing when they’re ready! Because this cable is significantly lower, it’s not suitable for adults – plus, adults will have much more fun on the course specifically designed for them! But don’t worry – even though you can’t climb with your younger adventurers, our guides will be watching them, helping them, and cheering them on the whole time!

(2) The kid’s course and the adult’s courses are very different.  Yes, you’ll experience a lot of the same elements, but while both start around 10-15 feet off the ground, the adult’s course climbs to a top height of about 45 feet! The 4 adult’s courses get progressively higher off the ground and more challenging as you go, and our owners (who also have parks in New Jersey, New York and Oregon!) have done a lot of work and research to determine what ages and height reaches, generally speaking, are able to complete the different courses.

If you will be joining us with a group of eight or more, give us a call at 208-423-8289 to inquire about group discounts!