Whats Happening in our Park

Shorelines March Edition By Sharon Meyer

So much fun and adventure ahead this summer, on the heels of a winter full of cross-country skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing activity. Our neighboring Farragut State Park offers a variety of physical activity from gentle walking paths to strenuous hiking and over 40 miles of biking trails. And with the upcoming season, TREE TO TREE will open Saturday, May 19 for weekend use with weekday use planned for early June. Day pass availability for adults, children and groups are planned. Discount coupons are expected to be available throughout the season. They will be working with groups for excursions and retreats,
with group pricing directly from Tree to Tree. There will be 6 courses to navigate with varying levels of difficulty, with “spotters” who help with making connections from one part of the course to another. Tree to Tree has developed a dozen of these across the United States, on both the east and west coasts. Reservations are recommended as the number of participants on the course at one time is limited and insurance coverage requires strict adherence to this number. The reservation assures your spot. Farragut has robust DISC GOLF courses available to visitors, both 9 and 18 hole options. This Frisbee Golf, also called Frolf, has players throwing a disc at a target, using rules similar to golf. Scorecards with maps are available at the Park Visitor Center for a minimal charge. A great way to get out and enjoy the beauty of the park with a bit of competitive action. Parents and grandparents can help their youngsters earn badges while having fun in the outdoors and making connections to the natural world through the JUNIOR RANGER PROGRAM. A booklet is available at
the Park Visitor Center guiding the Junior Ranger through activities and presentations leading to earned badges and certificates. ADDITION OF 50 CAMPSITES is in the development phase at Gilmore Campground, each serviced with water, electricity, and sewer. What Could Be Happening in Our Park? An OFF-LEASH DOG PARK POSSIBILITY. In a discussion with Randall Butt, Park Manager, it seems like the time is right to start working on developing an off-leash dog park that would be convenient for both Bayview residents and park visitors. Considerations must be given to adequate parking, with a location close to already existing trail systems. Additionally, sanitation for visitors with an available water source for visitors and dogs is a must. All of these requirements would result in
start-up costs in the range of $15,000-$20,000, according to Mr. Butt. One way to get started with this long-awaited off-leash park would be to solicit local home improvement business and fence contractors for donations of material and volunteer skilled fence installers. Any additional ideas for fund-raising are certainly welcome. There is much to do in our Farragut State Park, and just driving through it coming and going allows us to recognize the activities that await, from bird watching to biking, horseback riding to cross-country racing. Watch, or better yet, take part in these activities as we get moving into spring. The following websites will
provide additional information on the above-mentioned activities: https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov, www.TreeToTreeIdaho.gov