ADULTS COURSE (Ages 10+) $45

Includes 3 adventure courses and zipline course
(Reach requirement*: participants must reach 5’11″)

KIDS COURSE (Ages 6-9) $35

Includes 2 adventure courses
Sorry, only ages 6-9 are eligible for this course.

How to measure your height reach to determine if you meet the reach requirements:  Stand flat footed, with both hands extended directly above your head.  Measure from the ground to your mid palm.  That’s your height reach!

Why are there different reach requirements for the different courses? Each of our different course levels (Kid’s and Adult’s) are designed specifically for each age range.  The height of the cables on each course gets higher as the age range for the courses increases.  This is so that each age range can explore the courses on their own!  All of our courses are self guided, meaning that each adventurer is an active participant in their adventure.  Guests on the adult’s course will be responsible for moving from tree to tree and from obstacle to obstacle by moving our CliC-iT safety caribiners from one section of cable to another.  Easily reaching the height reach (which is based upon the height of the cable) is a key part in an enjoyable adventure!

Not sure of your height reach? We’ll check for you when you arrive.


Weight: The maximum weight to participate is 300 lbs.  The maximum girth at waist is 44” (for harness).


* This measurement is taken from the ground to fingertips with both arms extended over the participants head. Reach requirement will be confirmed at check-in. Must be able to comfortably reach the height of the cable.