We get it.  Knowing that you’re safe while you’re up in the air, exploring something new, and expanding your comfort zone is a priority.   That’s why we have geared up with the best safety equipment in the business.

CLiC-iTs on our Adult’s Course

You’ll find CLiC-iTs on all of our harnesses, keeping you safe up in the trees.

If you’re geared up with CLiC-iTs, you’ll have an added peace of mind knowing you’re securely clipped in the whole time.  As soon as you click  in at the base of a ladder, you’re locked in to the cable lines until you’ve completed the whole course.  This is in thanks to a patented safety system in they CLiC-iTs in which the two connectors talk to each other: when you unclip one side to move on to the next element on our course, the other automatically locks — and will not unlock until the other connector is safely attached again.

How the CLiC-iTs work:

When you harness up, you’ll notice one of your CLiC-iT’s will be locked closed, and the other will be opened and ready to be secured to the cables.

You will take the open CLiC-iT, secure it to the first cable, open the second CLiC-iT (it can now be opened since the first is locked shut – they’re magnetically talking to one another to know that it’s safe!)

Once both CLiC-iT’s are safely attached to the cable, start your adventure!  Cross the bridge, balance across the tightrope, or climb through the net.

You’ve made it across!  Unlock one CLiC-iT from the cable and attach it to the next cable using the red shazaam. While you do this, the second CLiC-iT is locked in place and will not be able to be disconnected to move to the next cable until the first is secured!

You’ll continue through our obstacles and tree top adventures in this way throughout your time with us.  We’re proud to use this system and we hope that it helps to make you feel just as safe as it does us!

Saferoller on our Kid’s Course

Saferoller® is a continuous belay system that allows for fast, smoother transitions from obstacle to obstacle with continuous end-to-end rolling and unparalleled hands-free movement to ensure optimum safety and more fun!



For more information on our safety procedures or equipment,  please give our office a call at 208-423-8289!